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A San Fransisco based team.


Proof School offers a transformative liberal arts education to young people with an active curiosity and a passion for mathematics, equipping them to reason, communicate, and positively impact their world.

Our team consists of hardworking, persevering high-school students from Proof School—a private 6-12 school located in San Francisco, California, that specializes in liberal arts and mathematics. We enjoy participating in Zero Robotics because it inspires our creativity and fosters our love and passion for programming.

People on our team have participated in a variety of different science and programming challenges and competitions, ranging from USACO to Science Bowl to AMC to CodeFights to Zero Robotics. We have also worked on a number of individual coding projects.

Us working
Us working


Proof Robotics is currently looking for a sponsor. Our team name last year was Hit or Miss. If you would like a spot on the homepage of our website email us at [email protected]