Proof Robotics

Proof Robotics first came to Proof School in Block 1 of the 2017-2018 school year to compete in the Zero Robotics tournament. We hope to branch out to other robotics activities in the near future, as Zero Robotics has been a great experience so far. Big thanks to our coach who made this club possible and helped us through our challenges.

Our Team

Aaron Y

Aaron enjoys math, coding, pool, and sleeping.

Alex M

Alex is a sophomore at Proof School. He has been coding in python for many years, and is working on coding more in C with Zero Robotics

Cole K

Cole approaches programming problems with math. Cole has decided he is too busy working on code to say more.

Jonathan S


Kevin Z

Kevin enjoys coding, math, swimming, and referring to himself in 3rd person.

Leo S

Leo is a freshman in highschool. He likes tinkering, watching movies and he’s been enjoying expanding his coding abilities.

Michael M

Insert intresting information here.

Milo M

Milo is not part of the team, but he deserves recognition for his essential role in this team.

Proof Robotics

Math Lovers &


If you have any questions, please contact our coach here

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If you have some time to spare and want a fun challenge, you can try to find the source code of this page. Warning: it is pretty difficult and may be extraordinarily frustrating. Good luck and have fun!